Throwback: The Miracle and the Year 2000

By Walter Jarosh

Cover August 1996; This cover was underwritten by the Upper St. Clair Library Board. The photo was taken by Mark Moulden of M & M Photography with the assistance of a ladder truck provided by the USC VFD and Assistant Chief Russell Rauch

Throwback with TODAY

The Miracle and the Year 2000 by Walter Jarosh

August 1996; page 38

The weathered, faded wagon stopped on the dusty road in front of the cluster of farmhouses. A wise old weather beaten man set up his wares as a small group of people gathered. "Behold the miracle!" he said as he drew the crowd's attention. "This item, although small, has great power. It can last a lifetime. Many varieties, sizes and forms exist. It can clean your air, cool your home and provide years of pleasure to your family," he boasted. "The miracle can help to feed and warm your family," he said as the crowd listened to his claims. "It can provide hours of play for your children. Family gatherings will center around it and nations may seal treaties under its shelter. If you care for the miracle, it will return many useful things. People will protect it, boast of its ownership and fight to maintain it."

The crowd was awed by the claims made by the wise man. Everyone wanted one of his miracles. Some bought more than one. The wagon soon emptied and with his last miracle gone, the wise man moved on. The town folds took the miracle to their homes where the old man's promises were fulfilled. This happened in town after towns across the nation. The miracles were transported in ships, covered wagons and carried over dusty trails to be set around homes, farms and town squares.

Their varied sizes and shapes formed the character of the towns and neighborhoods and the miracle fulfilled the old man's many promises. Many generations marveled and enjoyed the gifts of the wise old man's miracles in their yards and around their homes.

If you haven't yet guessed it - the miracle is a tree. Although the wise old man is fictitious, the miracle of the tree is not. Many of the trees we enjoy and use today were planted by previous generation. Some occurred naturally and have been serving the inhabitant of the area for over 400 years.

Now It Is Our Turn

In Celebration of the year 2000, the 21st century, the Township is sponsoring a tree planting program designed to increase the planting of trees. We want to plant 2000 trees by the year 2000. Can you help by planting a tree? All trees count, from the trees individually planted in yards, to the trees planted by developers, businesses, schools and the Township. Any size also counts - from seedlings planted by children to the large trees planted by commercial nurseries. Trees may be planted to commemorate a birthday, holiday or just for fun. Everyone benefits from trees and we have the chance to promote the miracle. Join us in our efforts to maintain Upper St. Clair as a well treed community.

When you have planted a tree, fill out the information on the coupon below and send it to the Township. You will receive a certificate and a patch. Your name and tree information will be compiled in a list to be published in the year 2000.

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