Throwback: The Big Adventure

By Eric Elliot (age 5)

January 1996 cover image. This cover was underwritten by Friendship Village of South Hills. Photo is by Don Delphia. Residents pictured (left to right) Ann and Robert Gopel, Imogene Hoeft and George Geiser.

Throwback with TODAY

The Big Adventure

by Eric Elliot (age 5)

January 1996 page 43

Let me tell you about our exciting adventure. When my mom read in UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAY that there were 16 parks in our township, I told her I wanted to go to all of them. She said that was a great idea.

I called my friend Tyler Bry and asked him to come along to check them out. So, early one morning, we packed a lunch and headed to the Parks and Recreation Department for a map. When we looked at the map, we decided that we would only go to the parks that had play equipment for kids. Even then, we had nine parks to visit.

On our first stop we knew we couldn't see them all in one day. Each park was so much fun, we didn't want to leave in a hurry. We wanted to play on everything. It was definitely going to be a two day adventure..and it was!

We thought you might be interested in what kids (and adults) like best about the nice parks in Upper St. Clair, so we made a chart for the ones we visited. You ought to see them all, too. Maybe you'll agree with us, or maybe you'll find some favorites of your own.

We were surprised to see that there is a good park in every neighborhood...each one is different and fun to visit. Get a map and start out. You'll have a big adventure too.

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