Profiles: Pam Render

This profile appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAY.

Longtime USC resident Pam Render retired from the Upper St. Clair School District this past August. Working for more than 18 years as a nurse’s aide at Baker Elementary and the high school, she transitioned to managing the USCHS testing center for the final seven years of her 25-year career with the District.

The testing center job was a big timesaver for the USC faculty, as they could otherwise focus on preparation and teaching while Pam administered student makeup tests and follow up assignments. Extending beyond the normal school day to accommodate the busy life of a high school student, many faculty members praised Pam for her diligence and professionalism in getting the job done. Students would drop by the testing center just to chat and vent to a friendly face that was always willing to listen.

In her retirement years, Pam would like to do three things now that she has the time and energy. First, she welcomes the opportunity to more fully enjoy her four grandchildren—Ruby (8) and Roman (6) in Cleveland and George (5) and June (2) in New York City—as they participate in their various school and sports activities. Second, Pam would like to vacation in the Amalfi Coast, as well as visit Paris and Hawaii. Lastly, she would like to further develop her interest and expertise in calligraphy, using her “special touch” artistic skills for weddings, parties, and awards.

So, for Pamela Jo Churico Render, retirement really means refocus. Congratulations!

To learn how Pam’s calligraphy work might work for an upcoming event or engagement that you have, email her at

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