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Before purchasing an ad on 15241.TODAY, please thoroughly review our contract terms and conditions.


Please contact us with questions before purchasing if you are not familiar with our process or requirements. Our refund policy is clear on the contract, and specific criteria must be met for a refund to be issued. Contracts are binding at time of purchase.

These contracts are for website ads only. For print magazine advertising, contact one of our Sales Associates via

Ad Specifications


Ads should be square and at least 1080x1080 pixels with a file size over 500KB to appear clear and legible.


If your ad is over 2GB, you may need to use a different file transfer service than email. Contact us if you need assistance.


All ads must be sent to us in a timely fashion in order to be placed.


Once your ad is received and has met our specifications, it will be placed on 15241.TODAY in the next available opening based on your contract and according to our AD CALENDAR.

Examples of Ads

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South Hills Junior Orchestra

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